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We all know that some assessments are not optional. Our little kiddos must sit in their desks and show what they know with a pencil and paper. But, many times, in our daily learning, we can assess our students in so many other creative ways than tests! I'd like to share with you 11 fun games that you can play with your students that will let them show what they know!


1. Game show: This is always a kid favorite! I make up questions about a unit (this works well with science and social studies) and then set up the white board like this with different point amounts. You can also break the questions up into different categories, but I usually just use different colors.

Split the class into 2 teams and have them take turns picking a question. If they get it right, their team gets that amount of points. If they are wrong, I give the other team a chance to "steal" and earn half the points. You can make up the rules however you want though!

2. Ball Toss: Split the class into two teams. The students take turns answering questions. If they get it correct, they earn a point for their team. They also have a chance to earn an extra point by shooting a ball into a basket (trash can, bucket, etc.) You can just have one basket to earn one point, or have several in a row worth different amounts of points.

3. Hop to it: This game works well for small groups or individual students. I have used it for sight words, mental math problems, and vocabulary words. Write the answers on pieces of paper and scatter them face up around a space. Then as you read out a question/word/definition,  the student will hop to the answer and put their toes on it.

4. Erase it: For this game, I draw circles on the board and write in them sight words or math problems. Then, I call out the word or the answer and have a student erase the correct circle. This can be done as a contest between two students to see who can find and erase it the fastest, or students can just take turns for fun.

5. Around the World: This a classic game that I remember playing when I was in school! Start with 2 students who sit next to each other. They will both listen to a question and the first one to answer correctly moves on, and the other student sits back down. The winner moves to the next student and competes against them with another question. The winner moves on again. The idea is that the first person who goes all the way around to their original seat is the winner.

6. Memory: Create a memory game by using index cards cut in half. On half of them, write a question, sight word, rhyming word, math question, etc. Then on the other half of the cards, write the answers (could be a matching sight word, picture, rhyming word, etc.) Have students work in pairs to play the game. Turn all the cards face down, then they take turns picking two cards to see if they match. If they do, the student keeps the cards, if they don't, the cards are put back face down.
7. Dominos: Students love this game to practice addition or multiplication, and it can be played with 2 or more players. Turn a set of dominos face down and have each player turn one over. Then everyone adds (or multiplies) the sides of their domino together. The player with the highest number keeps all the dominos that round. Keep going until all the dominos have been collected. For more of a challenging game, students can draw two dominos and add up all the sides, or multiply the total number on each domino together.
8. Tic Tac Toe: This can be a game for any subject! Simply draw a big tic tac toe on the board, and divide the class into two teams. Take turns asking them questions, and when they give a correct answer, they get a turn to draw their 'x' or 'o' on the board.
9. Dress up: This game will have your students laughing 'til it hurts! Gather a collection of fun dress up items (hats, sunglasses, scarves, jackets, anything silly!) Go around the room and have students answer a question. If they miss it, they have to pick something from the dress up items and wear it until the game is over. If they get it right, they pick something for the teacher to wear! Keep going until all the items are being worn, then you can start over!
10. Multiple Choice Corners: This is a game to get your students moving! Put up signs in the corner of the room with 'A', 'B', 'C', and 'D.' Then give a question with multiple choice answers and have students walk to the corner that is the right answer.
11. Whiteboard Wars: This is a great way to assess all your students at once. Have students use individual whiteboards (or just a piece of paper in a plastic sheet protector) and have them write down answers to questions. You can even make it a competition to see who gets the right answer quickest and holds it up.

I hope these games give you some fun ideas to use with your students as you creatively assess what your students know!

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