Eight (Sneaky) Assessment Tips & Tricks from Mrs. Grooms' Room

Hello sweet friends!  I hope everyone is having some awesome days before all of the testing begins! It is definitely the season!  Here are eight helpful tips and sneaky tips to help out your students on testing day.  

Mints or mint gum, actually increases the heart rate and blood flow to the brain. And that minty fresh flavor stimulates the nervous system.  

Fresh breath and awesome scores...woot woot!  

Water helps to keep the brain hydrated, alert, and decreases fatigue.  Your body is made up of mostly water and to deny the one thing that it runs on...water...well...no wonder we get tired when we don't drink enough water!! 

Giving your students lots of water breaks can help students on any day!  

Chewing or chewing gum warms up the brain, increases productivity, and it's also good for your teeth because it increases saliva. Who knew chewing gum could be so great for the kiddies?  Now, if we could just keep it out of their hair! 

Do you let your students chew gum?  We do on special occasions like "Chews a book and READ!" 

Taking a quick walk or exercising at your desk is a great way to switch up your mental state.  Exercise releases and increases the feel good chemicals: dopamine and serotonin. 

Ummm...can we say "dance party??"  

Plenty of sleep and a good breakfast 
Plenty of sleep keeps your mind juvenated and you are more likely to stay attentive.  A good breakfast is important because it provides energy and nutrients to your brain. 

So many times my students come in crying because they haven't had breakfast. (Poor things!) I keep granola bars and cereal bars handy just in case!!!  When they eat, tears stop and learning begins!   

Essential Oils 
Essential oils or certain scents have been known to help students on assessments.  Place cotton balls of cinnamon oil or peppermint oil around the room to energize students. Citus scents reduce anxiety and rosemary oils can increase memories.  

It's definitely a sneaky way to help students take those tests!

Taking Breaks

Taking a break every 25 minutes helps keep the brain alert.  So set your timers! Give your students a five minute break every 25 minutes.  That is when GoNoodle is very handy!  Or youtube videos or drawing or any activity that gives the brain a break is awesome for those kiddies. This actually has a name...it is called the Pomodoro technique.

The Nose Knows
Scientists say that having your students smell an unfamiliar scent like jasmine while learning a lesson can help them remember what they have learned later. 

So if you are learning about rocks and your students smell jasmine while learning it...they will remember learning about rocks when they smell jasmine during the test...umm...cause you are sneaky like that. :)   

Anything to make testing a little bit easier is something I think most of us would try, especially for our students.  What sneaky ways do you help your students take tests? 

Wishing you wonderful test and easy test days!!!!  

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