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Hello friends! Amna here from Teach Two Reach: 2nd Grade Happenings.

Today, I bring to you a quick tip for keeping track of student test scores and how the class did overall. I learned this technique from my cooperating teacher when I was student teaching about 10 years ago. It is a bar graph comprised of all the test scores received on a particular test and how many students got each score. 

I number the left side with amount of students and one the bottom, I put all the scores that were on the test. 

What this does is that it helps you understand how your students ranged on the test.. I like to see how the class did because it lets me know a couple of things. If the majority of the class got 80-90 or above and have a few kids that are well below that, then I can see who needs the additional help. I can also see areas of weakness on a certain topic and if many students who normally do well and didn't do as well that one time, then perhaps I need to go back and reteach the concepts again to the whole class in a different way.

particular student's score is highlighted
Another option with this is to highlight each student's score, put their name on top, and attach it to their test. You can send home the class graph attached to the top of their test and highlight the particular student's score. Parents can see how their child did over all without seeing names of any other students or link scores to names. Sometimes it helps parents see if their child did well below the class average, then they can work with me to see how to help their child at home while I will help them in class to understand a specific topic. But if you do not want to send this class graph home, you can still attach it to the test later (I send my tests home but require them to be signed and returned), to keep in your files. When you have meetings with parents, you can show them the particular results and highlight strengths and weaknesses. 

I would love to share the template for this with you. There are two versions - one is for the teacher and the other one is if you want to send home a copy to parents.  Click here to take you to the Google Docs link. 


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