Favorite Children's Author: Doreen Cronin

Hey hey all! It's Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd! I'm excited to be blogging today about one of my most FAVORITE authors that has a few of my most FAVORITE read alouds -Doreen Cronin !! 

Don't you all just LOVE Click, Clack, Moo?!?  I LOVE it.    I love that read aloud (and her others) SO so very much and LOVE to use to teach about the parts of a friendly letter!!

I engage the kiddos at the very beginning of the lesson by reading the read aloud, Click Clack Moo, AND by telling them that by the end of today's lesson that they will have a mission.  They will be able to tell me what part(s) of the friendly letter the cows were missing!

They LOVE being on a MISSION throughout the lesson! I come back around at the end of the lesson to have them correct the cows' letter! They LOVE being able to tell me what they need to fix!

Throughout this lesson using my Doreen Cronin read alouds, I model and practice with other friendly letters! I also have the kiddos label a friendly letter as guided practice before completing their MISSION prior to the end of the lesson!

We used the labels above to label a similar letter (not shown) that didn't already have the 5 parts labeled! **I printed the friendly letters using the POSTER size on my printer which made it PERFECT for teaching!  See how big it is?! LOVE.  Hello anchor chart!

Check out those friendly letter labels a little closer below!

ANY time I'm able to tie in a read aloud - especially a Doreen Cronin one - my lessons just seems to CLICK so much better than days that I don't use literature to connect to my objective!   And in this lesson, my kiddos were able to NAIL their mission! They even found the missing commas in the greeting and closing!! WOOT WOOT!   

Would you like to try a few pieces and parts of this lesson out above?!?!?
Wellllll I have a FREEBIE for you!! Click the image below to snag the friendly letters, the lesson intro, and the friendly letter labels that I've shown in this post! Your kiddos will LOVE it!

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