Assessment Tips & Tricks {with The Primary Gal!}

Testing!  We all dread it.  We all stress about it.  But in the end, we can't avoid it. And who doesn't need a tip to help our students cope with the stress?  My tip today is a random thought I had during our first round of ISTEP testing.  In Indiana, we take two high stakes assessments.  The first is Applied Skills and is a paper/pencil test and is taken in February.  The second is the bulk of the test and is taken during the end of April on computers.  

I'm sure you all are in the same boat and I am.  My walls are covered with posters and anchor charts that we use throughout the year.  However, during testing we have to cover them up. 

So, I did my duty and covered my posters with random paper a few days before testing was scheduled to begin.  And then, I had an idea!

I LOVE motivational quotes.  I have them all over my room and my kids seem to enjoy them, especially when I get a new one!  I also know that I tend to get a little winded when encouraging them right before taking our test.  So I got out my Silhouette Cameo and got to work!  

On the day of testing, they came in to a few motivating quotes to help them get in the right frame of mind for testing.  I used these quotes in the morning as I encouraged them to do their best and remember that they have worked all year to be ready for this.  

I had three sections that I "covered and quoted".  My quotes were:

"Keep Calm and Show Your Work"
"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you'll be doomed if you don't try." -Beverly Sills
"Trust Yourself.  You know more than you think you do."-Benjamin Spock

What do you do to bring a little motivation to your kids at testing time?  :)

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