Favorite Children's Author: Todd Parr

I am super excited about our next topic here at the Elementary Entourage! We are sharing our favorite children's authors, books and a few activities with you. But wait there's more! We've officially been blogging here for 6 months strong and it's almost Teacher Appreciation Week. We sure do appreciate all of our beautiful followers so we wanted to show you some love with a little giveaway.  Stick around until the end of this post for more info :)

So now that I am home with Madelynn, my entire classroom library lives in our basement. I have a serious problem people! I can't even believe I am posting this picture, but look...EEK!
36 freaking baskets...I don't even know how many books that is, one day I want to count but I am a little afraid to know how many books I truly do have. Now that doesn't include the books that are on the shelf in Madelynn's room, playroom, diaper bag, car, my purse, the garage, I think you get the picture.  I have an obsession with buying books. I just can't help myself, I need an intervention! And one of the authors I have a serious weakness for is Todd Parr. I mean how can you resist the beautifully colorful covers and illustrations? They are just so gosh darn cheerful, they will put the grumpiest of readers in a good mood.
I do not think you want me to list my entire collection here or it may be summer break before you're done. So if you LOVE his books too, Check out his awesome website here.

These are just a few of my personal favorite books to get you started:
Reading Makes You Feel Good - Great at the beginning of the year or any time your little readers need a boost of motivation to get them devouring great books.
It's Okay to Be Different - This is another great beginning of the year book.  I love using it as a part of getting to know you activities. It has just the right amount of humor to break up what can be a serious topic for students about fitting in.
The Underwear Book - Because no matter who your students are, they always think underwear is hilarious! Seriously, sometimes I just need a good laugh with my class, and I am not afraid to use underwear to engage my kiddos. This book will have them giggling until they hopefully don't pee their pants :) (PS if you love this one, check out Animals in Underwear ABC!)
The Thankful Book - This book is great around Thanksgiving, or really anytime you want to talk about being more thankful with your students.I really love that it starts out with "Everyday I try to think about the things I am thankful for." What a great quality to have! And it includes lots of unusual things that don't immediately come to mind with the reasons why the child is thankful for them. Like "I am thankful for my ears because they let me hear words like,  I Love You."
The Earth Book - I had to include this one in case you are looking for books for next week.  It includes simple and important ways we can work together to be kind to our Earth.

And here are 2 free activities just in time for Earth Day from my Earth Day Read and Respond Pack for The Earth Book. The file will only be FREE until Earth Day (April 22nd) so grab it quick by clicking on the google drive link here!

Alright, thanks so much for sticking around for the giveaway! Here it is, we are giving away 2 of these super adorable personalized teacher pencil signs to brighten up your classroom decor :)

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