Favorite Children's Author: David Shannon

This may be my favorite post EVER. I had such a hard time choosing a favorite author. I LOVE so many authors. I went back and forth over who I wanted to write about. Then, I thought about my kids. Year after year after year. Who do we end up loving together?

DAVID SHANNON. Hands down. His books are hilarious. His illustrations are just drool worthy. There hasn't been a David Shannon book that I haven't liked... take that back.

Bugs in my Hair makes me feel all itchy.

Some of my favorites is A Bad Case of Stripes, Too Many Toys and How I Became a Pirate (he's the illustrator for this one).

I've dressed up like Camilla Cream twice for book character day. Here's one of my favorite pictures from last year.

I love how his characters get you invested in the actual character. With Camilla, I want to know more about her. I like her. I feel sorry for her. I want to help her. When I read the story, I try to make my students feels some type of emotion for her. It's so easy to like her. However, I can see why some kids may not like her.

I love when books get used SO much that it's time to purchase a new one. We LOVE No, David! It's a class favorite ever single year. It's so worn and I get to tell my kids why it's so worn. Everyone loves reading it, laughing at the pictures, and revisiting it throughout the year.

Here's a few freebies for you if you have any of these books in your classroom! If not, borrow one from the library and fall in love with David Shannon's great stories and amazing illustrations!

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