Favorite Children's Author {Laura Numeroff from The Sunny Side of Second Grade}

Hey y'all. Welcome back to our lovely blog for another post in our series of our favorite authors! This is Amber from The Sunny Side of Second Grade, and today I want to tell you all about my favorite author, Laura Numeroff.

Everyone has heard of her. She is most famous for her series of books "If you give a _____ a _____". I must admit that I own them all and I dedicate at least a week each year to study her books. My main focus with Laura Numeroff has been cause and effect, especially when I am teaching expository writing.

We begin by making comic strips using sentence strips. This small project really helps students visualize how one thing truly can lead to another. {Sorry for the poor picture} This is our opening activity for our expository writing on cause and effect. From here, we read a Laura Numeroff book each day and compare and contrast the story. You really do get an awesome bang for your buck with her stories.

When completing the read-aloud with my students, I always make sure we touch on problem and solution. I usually display a graphic organizer like this on the SMART board for us to complete whole group. You could also reinforce this concept in small groups. Orrrrr....if you were around for my last post, screen shot this baby and put it into GoFormative for the students to complete online.

{Click on the picture to be taken to this Pinterest find!}
Your possibilities really are endless with Laura Numeroff books. A quick scour of Pinterest will show you a plethora of lessons and activities to accompany her adorable books.

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