Meet the Teacher Ideas {Alex from The Kindergarten Connection}

Meet the Teacher Night... Open House... Back to School Night. It can be called many different things, but no matter what you call it, it is a busy time of excitement!

Lots of students and families in and out of a room can feel a little chaotic, even though it is so fun to see everyone! 

We don't do formal presentations for our open house at my school -  it is more drop in style.
This means I have to be prepared because I don't know when or how many people will come. 

Here is my favorite idea that I implement every year! 

Since my open house is drop in style, I like to have a way for the families to interact with their children and with each other. Otherwise there can be some awkwardness and standing around, and we don't want that!

So, I send my students with their parents or guardians on a scavenger hunt!

The idea is that the parent(s) will have time to explore the room with their child, and see many of the main parts of our classroom. It is a great way to ease some nervousness for both parent and child when they know more about the room and school.

I give the child a checklist, and they set off with their adult! The adult can read the list (for Kindergarten usually), the child can lead the hunt, and then they check off what they find! 

It works great because it gets families up and moving, and allows me to connect with them all with no one feeling like they are waiting in line to talk to me (which can happen at drop ins sometimes!)

I can go talk to a small group, check in and talk a bit, then go check in with other families also. The kids are engaged and starting to interact with each other and getting to know their environment too! 

Plus, if they save the playground for last, they can play!   :)

The above picture shows a Kindergarten hunt, but there is also a version that just says "school." 

You can download these for FREE at the end of this post -  and they are editable, meaning you can change the list that your students search for! 

Download the Scavenger Hunt

You can download an editable Powerpoint HERE - When it opens in drive - click the download arrow to open fully in PowerPoint and use all editable features.

Happy Back to School season! 

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