My Lesson Planning Style {Haley from The McGrew Crew}

Hi friends! For those of you who have headed back to the grind this week I hope all is going well so far! As mentioned before I am a public school teacher turned homeschooling mama! My lesson plans may look different than some of yours, but hopefully you can take something away from this post!

Personally, I thrive on organization! Now, I don't claim to always be organized, but I sure seem to work better when I am. I live in a house full of's always chaotic! This is my teacher school binder. I LOVE it! The colors, the polka dots...everything about it!
 And every (wannabe) organized teacher must have tabs! There are 3 major components to my planning book. The first tab is everything needed for our home school COOP that we attend each Friday. This includes the syllabus for each class they take. This way I can refer to what they are learning about when I make my own plans.
 The next tab is RESOURCES. This includes any standards, TEKS (Texas) and other things I use to make goals for my kids. I also have a page of the actual resources I use for teaching. Because we home school I do not use one set curriculum. We use many different publishers, textbooks, workbooks, websites, etc. to accomplish our school goals.

Then comes the actual lesson plans! I have created my own lesson plan page to make it more suitable to our needs. I currently have 2 children I plan school for. I like to have one page per week, which leaves me very little room to actually write. I write small and strive to use keywords to help me when writing out plans.
As you can see, I'm a little OCD and MUST cross off items as we complete them! Surely I'm not the only one....right?!

Happy Planning,

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