My Lesson Planning Style {Keri from Enchanted Kinder Garden}

I dread lesson planning.


Am I the only one that feels this way?

Whether it’s the first day or the last day, I’m not a huge fan. However, I absolutely LOVE the way that having a plan before the year begins in helping me plan. Here’s a small look into my “planbook” or notebook.

I just have a plain binder with all of my need to knows inside. I have our scope and sequence, our themed project ideas, standards, and lesson plans inside. I also house procedures at the beginning for easy reference for the beginning of the school year.

I think this came from Mrs. Jones’. I’ve had it since it was first made and HUGE on pinterest, which it still it. It help when it comes to lesson planning for procedures.

This is what our scope and sequence looked like last year, with my colorful spin added to mine.

Here’s what we’re using this year. I did NOT make this and I hope Megan doesn’t get me for sharing it. She is the organizational guru on our team and can get all of this kind of stuff done in her sleep. Me. Eh. Not so much. We actually started planning this year’s out in January because we want to teach thematically. I taught a few weeks based on themes last year and I LOVED it. By themes, I mean that all of our readers line up with the sight words that we're teaching, They will be leveled readers to meet the needs of each of our groups.

I print my plans out to lay two page. I can have a quick glance at the entire day or the entire week at a time. My plans this year look a bit differently, but I still print in a two page spread.

I have my standards in the back of my binder. These are from Haley O'Connor. I LOVE having this at a glance as well. When I need to look up a skill, I just flip back to find the standard it correlates to.

That's my planning style. I plan ahead, to plan easier down the road. I think everyone should have a year's scope and sequence to easily be able to know where you are headed.

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