Meet the Teacher {Stephany from Primary Possibilities}

Meet your teacher night can be stressful and a total whirlwind of a night!  This is one of the most important nights of the year because it is the very first impression you give some of your parents!  Here are some tips for making your "Meet the Teacher" night successful!

I like to use a PowerPoint to go through some of the most important details of my classroom.  This keeps me from rambling... but even with the powerpoint, I make sure to keep notes nearby.   I discuss homework, discipline, special classes, and curriculum with parents so that they know what to expect in the coming year! 

I have baskets out on my teacher table for student to sort their extra supplies.  Each basket is labeled with the supply so that I don't have to deal with huge stacks of supplies all mixed together.  This also gives parents and kids something to do while I welcome others into the classroom.

I saw this great idea at School in the City who got the download as a FREE download from Nicole Blunt of First Grade Owls. 

How do you make your Back to School nights fun?

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