My Lesson Planning Style {Stephany from Primary Possibilities}

Raise your hands if you dread Sunday honest.  It seems like no matter how much work you plan ahead on Friday afternoon, there is always something that sneaks up on you Sunday night that involves lesson planning... maybe it is a group of papers you forgot to copy for Monday, books you forgot to grab from the school library that you pray are not checked out, or a station you forgot to switch out. 

I have tried a lot of different methods of planning over the years but I always end up going back to digital lesson plans.  This forces me to get them all done at the same time and be more prepared for the week versus writing them in an old school lesson plan book.

I also use these forms below to plan for my small group reteaching during ELA and MATH rotations.  They are SUPER simple but they leave me a lot of freedom to make notes and switch things up from week to week.  (You can download for free here.)

Happy Planning!

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