My Lesson Planning Style {with Mrs. Dailey's Classroom}

My lesson planning style? I wish I could say I am the super organized teacher who can whip out any resource because I could find it in my sleep. *Newsflash* I am not that teacher. I dream of being that teacher, but I am beginning to accept myself for who I am! Who is with me?

I hear a lot of my teacher friends talk about how they can multitask and yes, that's great in a perfect world but today I am going to keep it real with you! I am one of those teachers who needs quiet silence in order to think and plan.

I also need to have all of my plan books and materials laid out in front of me. That's just too hard to do with a classroom full of students so I typically plan before or after school. I don't plan during the day because I am either setting up, cleaning up, or taking a quick breather.

Here's a sheet that I created for single lesson plans because I needed one to show my principal during an observation.

You can use it as is, or you can edit it once you download it.

One last thing I wanted to show you are these September writing prompts. I put them in my early finisher work pile during my language arts block.
You can grab them HERE today on sale! Or, grab the bundle, which is being updated as we speak!

Thanks for stopping by to see how I do lesson planning! We start back August 24th, so I can't wait to show you more over at Mrs. Dailey's Classroom soon!

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