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Hey everyone!!!! It's Shana Grooms from Mrs. Grooms' Room! I hope you are having a great FRIDAY!!!   We had our Meet the Teacher last night!  I was so excited about meeting my students but boy, was I exhausted!  (There's no tired like a teacher tired!)

If your Meet the Teacher is anything like ours,  you are busy the entire time meeting all of your little darlings and their awesome parents.  Tons of FUN!!  Plus, you get imperative information like how they get home those first few days!!  (Most important!)  

Here are FIVE things I do for Meet the Teacher! 

1.  Meet my students!  These little sweeties are going to be your shadows for the next 180 days and first impressions are so important!  Always meet and leave your little ones with a smile!  It makes all of the difference.  It can always be a bit awkward at first but asking about their summer and if they are ready for school to begin can help ease tensions.  

2.   The second things I like to do is get parents to fill out a quick form with phone numbers, address, and student allergies.  You can find it here.  I use this one from Miss Kindergarten.  This will help ease your mind should you need to ask questions, need permissions, or emergencies. 

Very Important Papers!!

3.  The next thing parents MUST fill out is the transportation form.  I found this gem here from Genevieve-Gonzalez. HOW your students get home is probably one of the MOST IMPORTANT things you need to know on that first day.  Things can get really hectic so not stressing about transportation is a RELIEF! 

Our Scavenger Hunt

4.  I love for my students to do a small scavenger hunt in the classroom.  It gives them permission to check out the room and find things that will make their first day a little bit easier.  I LOVE using Katie Mense's scavenger hunt for firsties.  She also has one for kindergarten, too.  This one is easy to understand and those young firsties can easily color a smiley when the find what is on the sheet.  Once they are finished, they get a treasure from the treasure box.  This year I used crayons! 

Love Notes 

5.  The last thing that I like to do is have parents write a LOVE note to their little darlings.  So maybe little Susy isn't having such a great day and reading a note from momma or daddy can make things a little bit easier.  

So these are some of the things that I do...what makes your Meet the Teacher special?  I know it can be a little awkward at first but it sure makes that first day a lot better!!! :) 

I hope you have an awesome Meet the Teacher and a great First Day.  

Thinking of you!!! 

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