Classroom Tips for Going Green: Pre K Edition

Y'all, I have to be completely honest and say that I am not the best about going green. Eek! I said it! Here are a 3 ways that I consider myself to be eco friendly.

1) Bottle Caps

My families recycle plastic bottle caps and I reuse them for various activities. At the beginning of the year, my students use the bottle caps to practice constructing their names. Throughout the year, we have used them for games and to build cvc words. It is truly one of the easiest items to ask for. You'd be surprised how many you'll collect in a short amount of time!

This idea is from Pre-K Pages:

Making Names with Water Bottle Caps in #preschool and #kindergarten

2) Technology

 I don't consider myself a paper driven teacher. Thankfully, my school district has opportunities to apply for technology grants. I applied for one and received iPads for my entire class! We use apps like Letter School, iMovie, and Doodle Buddy to practice handwriting. Next year, I plan to utilize BookCreator and create more eBooks.

3) Use an online weekly newsletter 

I use Smore to create all of my weekly newsletters and then send them out via Remind and SeeSaw. This saves on a ton of paper and I am able to create them on my couch! Plus, I find my parents to be more informed and more involved!

Happy Teaching! 

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