Spring into...Genetic Traits {with iTeachSTEM}

Spring has FINALLY arrived!
As I sit here at my computer, I can see the beautiful blossoms on the trees and I can hear the birds tweeting. The sun is shining and and my puppies are enjoying playing outside in the back yard.
I love spring time!
I'm super excited to be able to share not one, but TWO of my most popular resources with you this month! They are both from my Genetics and Heredity Unit.
This is by far one of my favorite activities to do with my students when learning about inherited and environmental traits. I've actually had this activity in my TPT store for a long time (since 2012, I think) but I recently gave it a facelift with new fonts, cute monster clip art, and a few extra pages to make implementing it in the classroom VERY low-prep. 

(1) Copy the student pages:
(2) Gather some pennies:
(3) Print Monster Parents Posters:
Students are generally able to follow the printed directions without much guidance. I've even left this activity with a substitute before without any issues. And every year, students have a blast "making monsters babies". They each turn out so unique.
One of the best parts of this activity is seeing the many different monsters that are drawn by students and discussing how despite having the same set of traits (same mom and dad) they each ended up with a different set of traits. We talk a lot about how we look similar to our parents but not exactly like them. We also talk about how our siblings are not exactly like us physically.
Have you ever played SCOOT with your students? It's so incredibly simple and can be used with any topic. My students LOVE playing and actually BEG to play SCOOT anytime we have extra time in class. They don't even seem to realize that they are practicing skills or studying a topic while they are "playing" the game.

Our Tennessee standards for fifth graders requires them to be able to differentiate between an inherited trait and one that can be attributed to the environment. This SCOOT game provides students with 30 examples of traits that are either inherited or environmental. They must read the statement and decide (quickly) if it is describing a trait that is inherited or one that is environmental.
The cards in this kit have lots of great uses:
* Fast-paced SCOOT game (instructions included)
* Science center sort (partner or individual practice)
* Quiz questions (shown on document camera to whole class)

Both of these resources are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and I'd love it if you checked them out. If you'd like to win a free copy of them (and a bunch of other excellent resources) enter the rafflecopter below. Be sure to enter for the grade level bundle you'd like - or enter both! Good luck and happy spring!


  1. I teach 5th grade and would love to win the 3-5 bundle.

    1. Good luck! It's a bundle of some really excellent resources!