Spring into... The Magic Tree House Series {with The Husky Loving Teacher}

 Let's talk about guided reading groups. They are a wonderful way to instruct your students and have such a big impact on learning, but almost every teacher that I have met has said that the hardest thing about guided reading groups is gathering the materials for them.

Here's what I am going to do! I am so excited that I get to share off one of my best selling resources that helps out with that very problem, you know, getting all of those materials ready for guided reading groups!

I have a product line for The Magic Tree House that are quite easy to set up and assess a variety of skills that your students will need to be good readers and writers.

I am sharing these today because not only do I believe in them, but I have heard time and time again from my customers that they help set up for their reading groups and their kids love them! I have also heard that first grade teachers love to use these guides as a challenge for their higher readers! 

My bundle is growing right now, but as I finish it up, there will be a guide that goes along with books #1-#25. 
I enjoy reading the story introduction with the students and having them write in their readers notebook predictions for the story or connections they have made just through the introduction!
I have also included word wall cards that correspond with the stories. A lot of the words are great just to have up on the word wall all year long, or, you can change them out as you change stories with your groups!

Now... ready for another reason to be super excited that it is April? Over here at The Elementary Entourage, we are giving away our teacher-bloggers best selling resources. 

There will be TWO winners! One will win the K-2 pack and the other will win the 3-5 pack!

All you have to do is enter to win below! 

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  1. I love your post about using Magic Tree House in the classroom! I have been a fan of these books since I was a kid and am already thinking of ways to incorporate them into book studies with some of my students next year!

  2. I teach learning diabilities K-8. I would be so blessed to win one of these generous packages! Thanks for the opportunity!