Going Green: Earth Day Informational Text

I love using informational texts in my classroom.  Earth Day is a holiday that we celebrate in my classroom all week and how fun is it that it falls on a Friday this year!  I can't wait to read all of the classroom tips that the other EE bloggers have to share.  

Here are a few tips of mine to help your classroom stay green.  Plus, there is a little freebie for you at the end of this post.

A favorite tip of mine to help stay green is to make only a few copies of the text and questions.  I laminate them to use year after year.  I have my students record their answers in their reading journal.  It helps save ink and paper.  I put the copies of the texts in folders and have them available for the kids to read in our classroom library.

I know that at this time of year, colored ink is something that needs to be saved as much as possible.  So, I love that this informational text only uses black ink.  When I do print out multiple copies of the text, I make sure that my students take it home to re-read it for homework or to read to teach others about Earth Day.

My last green tip, is to use yellow markers and yellow colors as highlighters.  My kids go through highlighters like nobody's business, so we often repurpose markers and colors to highlight our textual evidence.  It's worked great!

Want to teach your kids about Earth Day using this informational text?  You can grab this free informational text HERE.

I hope this informational text helps you teach your kids all about Earth Day.  I would love to hear how it works in your classroom.  Stay green friends!

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