Spring into...those tough Dipthongs!!! with Crabby and Mrs. Grooms!!

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I am hoping you are having a wonderful April.  I am so excited to be blogging today at The Elementary Entourage!  I hope you are having an awesome year!!!!

We just finished our dipthongs!!!  Oh my! Y'all!  I think dipthongs are the hardest sounds for firsties.  Every year my faithful friend, Crabby, comes out and we work on those ow sounds.  You know the ones that have the "ow as in cow" and the "ow as in mow" sounds?   My struggling readers never know what to say when they get to the /ow/ sound.  They just stop reading. Eesh!

So what is a teacher to do? Ummm...she makes friends with a little crab?? His name is Crabby and Crabby has pinchers.  He gets pinched a lot. AND He says OW! (as in cow) and OW!  (as in mow). 

And he has band-aids because he gets pinched...a lot.  BUT The kids love it!! They think it is hysterical.  So first we laugh but then we talk about how it is not fun to be pinched and how we have to keep our pinchers to ourselves.  AND then we tackle the sounds of /ow/.

               So here is the Crabby....poor poor Crabby.   : ( 

                  You can take a look inside to meet Crabby. 
                            Isn't he cute in his own little way? 

I have to admit that I am pretty dramatic when I present /ow/.  I am in agony over the /ow/ dipthongs and I understand Crabby's pain.  But my students laugh anyway because I get pinched.  

Here are several of the things included in the pack....

You have a "write the room" activity.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE "write the room" games.  My students probably know every crook and cranny in my classroom because of it.  We love to read, sort, and write! And we do as much as we possibly can in our lesson. 

You will find a "I have...who has Crabby?" game.  It's easy to play and the graphics are easy to see and understand. 

Here is a sample of the practice sheets you will find.  Easy to use for independent work, homework, and it's great practice!!  

You are going to find all of this and more in this set.  Want to take a closer look? Just click here!    

Crabby says OW!   

And even better...you can win it by just entering below.  This is SOOOO exciting plus there is a ton of other best-selling resources that you can win, too!

BUT be careful with those pinchers! :)

Just kidding!!!!

Kind of!! 

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