Spring into... Keeping up with Kindergarten (with Enchanted Kinder Garden)

Is it feeling like spring where you are? I sure hope so! We only have a few weeks left in school, 8 to be exact, and I'm already planning for the end of the year. I thought that you would like to as well.

One of my absolute favorite resources for the end of the year and prepping for summer is my EOY pack.

It's a summer review that's individualized specifically for each one of my students.

I usually make a list of each skill and then jot kids names down. I try to think of their weakest areas or areas that they could use just a little bit more work. Each pack that I send home is specifically for each of those kids. For example, if they soar in math, but lack a little with reading cvc words, I make sure that I include all of the cvc pages. This includes beginning, middle, and ending sound practice. It will help them in the long run when they've been able to practice in the summer.

I tried to make this as parent friendly as possible by including a letter explaining to them what it is and how I want them to use it. There is a summer book list included that provides suggestions of books that would be great to check out at the library. Parents usually aren't sure what to do in the summer with their children and I tried to help out as much as possible. The transition from kindergarten to 1st grade is a HUGE bridge to hurdle and this helps a little.

If you'd like a detailed list of what's included, just click on any image above.

Here's a little secret! We're giving away our best sellers this month! There is a K-2 resource set and a 3-5 resource set. How awesome is that? Make sure to come back and see who's giving what away tomorrow and each day until the middle of the month! Happy April!


  1. I teach K-2 self-contained special ed!

  2. I teach K. I would love the Prize Pack 1 for K-2

  3. I teacher Kindergarten and I'm crossing my fingers for the K-2 pack! Your Keeping Up with Kindergarten pack looks great! I love how you customized it for each of your students!

  4. I teach Kindergarten in FL. I would love to win the K-2 pack!

  5. I teach first and second grade paraprofessional. Its a great job because I get to work with lots of different small groups everyday!