Spring into...a Garden Full of Grammar!

Spring time is a great time to start reviewing all those grammar and spelling rules you've taught throughout the year. My Garden Full of Garden pack has so many ways to keep students engaged during this crazy time of year. 

These contraction spinners are a great way for students to review contractions. There are 7 versions of these worksheets and they can all be completed independently. Plus, other contraction matching and sorting activities.

Do your students like to SCOOT?! I've got task cards that are perfect for this. Students can practice identifying pronouns, adjectives, and irregular past tense verbs.

Here are some of the sorting pages included as well. Students can sort nouns, verbs, and adverbs.

And who doesn't like to color?! I gave these to my second graders to color after they finished working on their math benchmarks (which can be so draining). It was a great way to review the different parts of speech and keep my early finishers quiet. #shhhhh

Now, are you ready for a giveaway?! You can win this pack because it's in this K-2 bundle! YEAY!! Plus, there are a ton of other goodies from our Elementary Entourage friends. Check out the bottom of this post to enter.


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