Spring Into...Common Core Line Up Questions {from Aloha to Second}

I love teaching the primary grades.  I think it is so much fun when their faces light up when they finally understand something or I love when they get so excited about the fun activities we do in class.  One day I emptied out the crayons and gave them a new set.  They all told me I was the "best teacher ever" for giving them new crayons.  They are so easy to impress!

Since I know how much they love to learn, I have found that they really love learning when it is exciting, quick, or like a game.  So, I made what I call Common Core Line Up Questions.  This set is based on the ELA second grade Common Core Standards.  

As students line up to go to specials or to lunch, I pull out this container (I bought it at Dollar Tree) and I whip out one of the questions.  Then, I ask the students what is on the strip of paper.  My students raise their hands and jump around because they want to answer it so badly!

Once I pick a student, they respond and we move on to the next question.  Some days I give out one skittle if they get it right or I may let them clip up on the clip chart.  When I used Class Dojo I gave them an extra point.  Other days, they don't get anything but simply bragging rights - which sometimes they enjoy more!
This set contains several questions for each standard and provides students with a variety of ways to practice the standard.  I have also used this with parent volunteers to work with students in a small group or as an early finisher activity.  It is easy to prepare - just print it off, cut the strips, and you're ready to go!

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