Day 4 of The Elementary Entourage's Organization Tips & a FREEBIE!

I'm here to share some organization tips for the new year!  These are some of my favorite from over at our blog at Primary Possibilities!

I had these round tupperware containers lying around my classroom... cheap, easy to stack, great size for storing... so I rolled my borders up and wow... perfect border storage!

This is something my blog partner Stephanie came up with.  I always see these jewelry storage "things" at TJ Max or Marshalls on sale.  She uses hers to store her magnetic letters!  The hook at the top lets you hang it just about anywhere.  No more opening those clumsy plastic boxes when you are trying to work with words on the go!  She hangs hers near her rug area so she can grab letters super fast during whole group time.

Finally, I will leave you with a freebie from my store.  I had a huge mess of a craft locker my first year teaching.  It was embarrassing so I decided that following summer I was going to get containers, label them and get super organized... here are the before and after shots.

Here is where you can grab up the labels! Click on the design you like!  

Feel free to link up your organization blog posts below!!

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  1. Stephany,
    I love the idea for the boarders! I am always trying to find ways to store those things! :)
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom