Getting Creative from Aloha to Second

Hello again!  This month has been going by so fast, and we even had 2 snow days already!  Can you believe that?  Well, actually they were cold days.  We were in the negatives and had -30 to -40 wind chill.  It has been very bitter cold.  With that said, I have been able to find things I want to make for my classroom.  Pinterest is my friend!

Here is one thing that I have created in my classroom.  When we are lining up to go to a special or at the end of the day when my kids are packing up, I made these common core questions/activities for second grade language arts.  I ask the students these, and if they get it right they earn a dojo point for smart answer.  My kids love it and beg me to do it each day!  It is a great time filler and I feel like I am hitting all of the standards. I am posting it free for you today only!  So, grab it quick!

Here is something I saw online (probably Pinterest) and I made bookmarks in my students' journals.  We have journals for reading and writing.  It drives me crazy when my kiddos skip several pages in the journals.  I find this wasteful.  Therefore, I thought I would put in these ribbon bookmarks to keep my kids on the correct page!


Hot Glue Gun
Composition Notebooks

First, you open to the back of the notebook. 

Then, use the glue gun to put down a strip of glue.

It should look about like this!

Then, you put the ribbon on top of the glue. 

I pull the ribbon to the front of the book and see how long I want it.

Then, I cut the ribbon to the length that I want.

I open the book up and place the bookmark inside.

 There you have it!  A composition notebook with a bookmark.

This definitely helps my students stay on the right page and keep their notebooks organized.  It also helps me find what page they are working on when I want to check their writing.

I hope this was useful to you!

Here is something I hope to achieve in the near future. Click on the image to go to the blog where she gives directions!

I would LOVE to hear how you are creative in your classroom.  Please link up below.


  1. Love your line up questions, what a great idea for a filler when you have 2 extra minutes here and there. And I would love to paint my plastic drawers so if you do you'll have to let me know how it turns out!

  2. My kids would love the composition notebook bookmarks! I will have to get my glue gun out! :)
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom