Fresh Ideas for 2015 with Mrs. Grooms' Room and a Laminator Giveaway!!

Hey everyone!!  

I hope everyone is having a wonderful January!  Can you believe January is almost over?  Here at The Elementary Entourage we are working on Fresh Ideas to bring to you, Fresh Ideas to make our own, and Fresh Ideas to bring to take to our classroom.  

Here are some ideas that I want to share with you:  

1.  This is like taking PICK-A-STICK to the next level:  COOL, HUH??  Mine are cute!  One side has washi tape and the other side has my students' names but could really be an awesome PICK-A-STICK picker!!  (Click on the picture and it will take you to Rowdy in First Grade's orginal link.)   

All you need are a cup and toilet paper roll!  Done!  My plan is to set it by my centers that need a PICK-A-STICK!  All is fair and square! 

All of the inside sticks go on the outside of the toilet paper roll, (the cup), after you have picked that child.  When you are finished choosing everyone, stick                       them back into the toilet paper roll.  Cool, huh? 

2.  Tattle tales...oh my goodness!  This year tattling has been really widespread in my classroom.  "Mrs. Grooms, he's looking at me."  "Mrs. Grooms, she is talking about me."  

Check out this really informative video on tattling and reporting! 

So we are going to try implementing a tattle tale box.  Students write their tattle tales and stick them into a box or container.  I think I am going to put mine into a trash can.  (We are just going to throw those tattles away!)

Have you seen these little pencil holders from the Dollar Tree?  They are as big as a glass.  But still...the idea is there, they could use small paper, and they could fold their papers.     

3.  The last idea I wanted to share with you is the number bonds that I found on Pinterest.  It is from You Might Be a First Grader's blog.  We have used them but I want to make these big bonds!!  It's  a great way to show addition and to bring out that math talk!  :) 

There are so many awesome ideas out there!!!  What fresh ideas have you found or created for your classroom?  

Hey...don't forget to enter our awesome laminator giveaway.  I would love to win that awesome prize!!!  I wish I could have one at home AND in my classroom. 

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