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WELCOME BACK! We are kicking off the second part of the Happy 2015 January Linkup. Today we embark on the GET CREATIVE week! 

So, today I'm going to share with you three DIY projects I've had pinned for a LONGGG time. It's not that they are super hard, but maybe I'm super lazy. Or, let's just go with super busy.  The following are three classroom inspirations I hope to get started on this year at least, because over the summer, I have all these grand plans for what I'm going to accomplish, and only a small percentage gets done. 

Seat Crates


I know many of you have done this with success. I think the whole, "getting the boards cut to the right size", "staple gunning the fabric in a decently presentable way", and "spending money on the crates themselves," are the three small things getting in the way..haha! I THINK that it's probably way harder than it actually is right? Have any of you done this and are there any tips and tricks to know of if I try this? I need to do it because right now when I have kids come to my small groups, they have to drag their chairs, and it's such a nuisance and time waster! I saw this beautiful group of crates on The Eager Teacher's website and her step by step directions are great. 

Mini Anchor Chart Stand

I saw this idea over the summer. How amazing is this mini anchor chart stand? Stephanie from Falling Into First has a terrific tutorial on how to create this easy setup. You know how we all print these wonderful teacher created posters from TPT? They are not exactly huge poster size and it's hard to leave them up around the room too. So having this stand is the perfect solution. Click on the picture to take you to the tutorial. When we have mid winter break in February, I think this will be on the definite to do list. Or sleep and DVR might win that battle. We'll see. 


Sooooo, I've had the materials for this since the beginning of school. Actually since summer. The bags for this amazing invention are under my desk. It just never so happens that I have enough free minutes in my day to be like, "oh yea, I'm totally free right now, lemme make those glue sponge bins for my whole class." I know I just need to take the bags home and make it in the house. Or have my own older children make them for me. I knowwww. I will. 

Please linkup with us below to share what classroom creations you would love to make!

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