Fresh Ideas for 2015 {Lauren @ Mrs. Thompson's Treasures}

When I thought of "fresh" ideas, I immediately though of literally keeping your classroom smelling fresh. I don't have my own classroom any more, but I remember a few years ago in my third grade classroom, after recess during the warmer months, our room would be so stinky and stuffy!

I used a candle warmer in my classroom, to keep it smelling a little better! Another idea I found on Stockpiling Moms is to use Gain Fireworks in a wax burner to make the space smell clean and fresh!

Downy Unstoppables in my Wax Burner
If you don't like the idea of using chemicals, you can try a few drops of essential oils with water in the wax burner or a diffuser. We use this one from doTerra at our house, and some of my favorite oils to use are Lavender and Serenity.
Now that we've got your room smelling nice, how about we get your kids acting nice? We all know that being negative comes more naturally than being positive. Kids are constantly tattling on each other, but when is the last time one of them came up to you to compliment someone? Teaching kids to find the good in other people and call it out is a wonderful life skill.

Try setting up a "Compliment Jar" (or just a Kleenex box) where students can put compliments about their classmates throughout the day. At the end of the day, during those last few minutes while you are waiting for dismissal, read the compliments aloud to the class. What a great way to boost morale in the classroom!
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