Get Creative with Enchanted Kinder Garden

Hey friends!!! I am totally LOVING this linkup. Did you check out the last link up about getting organized? There are some awesome ideas. Scroll down to those posts when you finish reading these.

I like to think that I'm pretty creative when it comes to switching up from doing the normal things in my classroom. Here's a few way that I love to get creative.

Dollar Store Goodies:

I got these crepe papers from Dollar Tree/Dollar General in the summer. I saw a post on Pinterest with birthday decorations. They had sewn these together to make as little hanging decoration. *ding ding* Great idea for border right? AND it was super inexpensive to make. I just popped a movie on, got my very tiny sewing machine out, placed them on top of each other and got to work. As you sew, it makes the ruffles by itself. SERIOUSLY ingenious. They come in SO many colors. Of course, if you want to buy patterned crepe papers, you will have to spend a little bit more.

I used this to make the border for my word wall. LOVE. I made way too much in the time I was waiting on my sister and then made more while watching a movie. You should definitely try this and I cannot sew worth anything.

Using random spaces:

Another way of being creative or using limited amount of spacing in your room is to use spaces you may not ordinarily use. I have every one of the doors in my room covered with fabric. Each one of them have something different on them. My closet door has my Math Workshops housed there. This area gets all of the math traffic when they are choosing their BUILD math workshop.

On my restroom door, I have two command hooks and a curtain rod to hold anchor charts. I have two binder rings and attached my letter anchor charts on them. My kiddos can refer back through these when they are writing or just to read over the words.

Have some ways to be creative in the classroom? Be sure to link up with us! I can't wait to see what all you have for me to do over the summer.

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