Fresh Ideas 2015 {Amber from The Sunny Side of Second Grade}

Hi friends! Welcome back to our blog!! To finish up this month I have a question for ya. What do you do to keep your small groups dynamic?

We are all familiar with the importance of data. My literacy coach, she's the best in my opinion, has really taught me how to analyze data. Of course I am talking about our very own Dianna Radcliff. She has taught me how look at my data and arrange my groups that meets the needs of all students.

This led me to create a visual schedule to help manage the several groups I pull during the span of one day.

I take this schedule a bit further with each of the plan pages you see below. This week was the first full week I implemented this new scheduling and planning system... and it went beautifully. I took it to my team and urged them to take another look at their schedules to see where they could provide more intensive support.

Next to having your schedule and planning pages prepared is having your materials prepared. Below you will see some snapshots of how I organize my small group area for ease of access.

{Organize small group tools into baskets - writing, math, reading, and phonics}

{Organize your units and resources into binders for easy access}

{Label classroom library by genre with your guided reading sets labeled separately}

{Arrange weekly materials and group books and lesson plans in drawers or bins}

So my fresh idea is to revamp your small groups. Try to analyze your data at least once quarterly and keep your groups dynamic, or always changing. Your data changes...and so should your groups.

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  1. This is SOME organization!! Are these available as blank forms anywhere? Would you consider sharing? I need to take another look at my schedule and fit more small groups in. It seems I already can't fit in everything though. (Sigh) Do you stay after and tutor? Do you get paid for that? (Just curious) Thanks for sharing your ideas. :-)