Getting Creative with Mrs. D's Corner

It may have been this morning that I figured out what this month's theme was all about (hey now, state tests are coming and my brain is just frizzed out already!), but as soon as Mrs. Dailey told me, I knew exactly what I wanted to tell you guys about: DIY "no sew" curtains!

As I've been told by numerous people, I've changed this life skills classroom so much already. It's more functional for my students and it's more of a classroom than a sectioned off babysitting room. I'm really proud of everything that I've got going on in my classroom (especially my huge word wall!), but there is still something that drives me crazy on the weekly. Take a look at this:
I know, I know... it's not that bad. It's organized. I'm lucky to have all this shelving. But it's just so... well, blah. I want to hide it all. Not hide it in the sense that I think it's junk and needs to be kept from glaring eyeballs, but to hide it more for the aesthetics of the room. To give it a more clean and put together feel than organized chaos.

I've seen pins and IG pictures of people who have tried and succeeded with the whole fold over and iron curtains. People I work with have even told me to do it. Guys, I'm just not that crafty. I mean, I could be. If I tried. Really. I could be.

My dream curtains would look like this and just hide it all:

Maybe not that pattern. It's way too busy for a Life Skills classroom, but the overall look and feel of it is just sharp. I think I would go for more of a solid color, like a peaceful shade of blue. White just wouldn't be white for too long and black is just no. No black. Plus I don't need any of those cute fringes on the bottom because my kids would for sure play with them and peel it off. (And I would probably sit there and cheer them on because it's a fine motor skill!)

Doesn't that just look adorable?! I think so. But at this point, it's a lost cause for this school year. State testing is just so much more important than bookshelf curtains. Boo!

Maybe I'll kick my butt in gear this summer and make some for next year. :)

Have you ever made DIY "no sew" curtains? Was it really as easy as all those pins make it seem?


  1. I made curtains this summer with a friend of mine and it has made a huge difference. I just need more! Can't wait to see what it looks like in the end! Hope you have a fab day, XO

    A Teaspoon of Teaching

  2. I have curtains on my windows but not my shelf. What a great idea!
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom