Get Planning with Tickled Pink in Primary

I'll admit that this isn't going to be my best post :) I've been out of town for a week and on a cruise with out cell service and internet! That was hard!!! Anyway, it's kind of ironic that my post is about planning, since I didn't plan ahead and get good pictures for this post. 
I use this rainbow drawer cart that can be found at Amazon, Michael's, office supply stores, etc. I label each drawer Monday-Friday 2 times, so I can plan 2 weeks out. Inside these drawers, I put my lesson plans, along with any worksheets or small games I'll be using. I find this very helpful, bc in case I'm sick and can't come in to get things ready, a sub would be able to find everything they need in these drawers. At the end of the day, I have my leader of the week help me change the centers cards, the schedule, and lay out calendar pieces for the next day.  In case I am ever gone unexpectedly for more than 1 day, the students know how to prepare for the next day and they LOVE to be my helpers at the end of the day!
Our school has a designated "sub" folder for each classroom that we leave with our secretary in case we are absent. Inside my folder, I keep these forms so they know where my students go at the end of the day for dismissal, what to do with my students in case there is an emergency, and a lunch count paper since they won't be able to do the lunch count online like normally do. 
You can find these forms along with many more editable forms and ideas in my Beginning of the Year Forms Bundle

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