Happy New Year from The Elementary Entourage: Organization Tips for your files & a FREEBIE!

Happy New Year Friends~
I'm glad to be back here on our collaborative blog with you today! For the first half of the month we will be hosting an open link up for everyone to get ideas & inspiration to start your New Year right. Here is the schedule for January 1st ~ 17th. If you are a blogger, we would be honored for you to link up any posts that fall into the following categories! 
So I am here today to show you a few way I get organized...
Who loves Google? Who loves Google Drive? I do, I do!!!

I'll admit, I never was a Dropbox gal. Mainly because I was never in a school that used it, that was until last school year when I arrived in NC. I had everything on multiple thumb-drives for years. The system worked for me, but I couldn't access my files if I didn't have my thumb-drive, but I always had internet. So I turned to Google Drive a little over a year ago & I haven't looked back [I am looking forward though, I would like to have my files on a portable hard drive to be safe, but that's a New Year's Resolution of mine, it's in my Amazon cart as we speak]

There are many ways to set up & organize your life using Google Drive. I also like the simple way of sharing a file or folder if wanted as well. This is a one stop shop for me so to speak, I have all my files in one place. I can go here to get a product I've purchased, a product I've made, school files, personal files & more [I haven't completely merged all of my files here yet, it's a work in progress]. A lot of teachers at my school like to use the Teacher Share drive. That is fine too, but you can't access it when you are off campus & they are usually cleared out over the summer break. 

Here is a video clip on using Google Drive for saving and/or sharing your files:
[Click on the image below for a direct link to the video]
Lastly, here is a little FREEBIE to organize your Log In's & Passwords for 2015! It's editable as well. Just download your copy & save in PowerPoint. You can edit it there to add your own information.
[Click on the image below to grab your copy]
I am wishing everyone a safe & healthy New Year! Thanks for following The Elementary Entourage!

Please link up any blog posts of your own below about getting organized for the New year!


  1. I love this! It is such a great idea! I used to keep an index card spiral book but it hasn't worked out so well for me. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to start using it.

  2. I use Google Drive for everything! Like all of my products I make and clipart that I buy!! Great ideas!! :)
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  3. I am using Goggle Drive and usb drives too! It is so hard to switch from one thing to another. Thanks for all your tips and tricks.

  4. Thanks for the cute freebie for keeping track of my passwords. Now I need to get busy and fill it in with my log ins and passwords.

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  5. Thank you for sharing !! I am in need of a portable hard drive as well... there are so many I am confused lol what would you suggest?? Thank you :-)