Celebrating America with Aloha to Second

Hello everyone!  I am back to talk about one of my favorite topics - America!!  I have always been super proud to be an American.  However, since I met my husband in 2007, I have been even more proud to be an American.  He is a member of the United States Marine Corps.  So, I am a Marine wife and I love it!

Here is a photo of my family and I at the Marine Corp Ball with my husband!

I taught a lesson to my class about the military.  I first started by having my class create a KWL chart.  I love these because they really help me better understand what my kids know.  I also love using them because my students can see how much they have learned from the beginning of the lesson or unit to the end.

As you can see, my students had some very interesting thoughts about the military.   I was actually trying not to laugh while there were sharing - I just couldn't figure out where they came up with some of these things.  Special toilets in the military?  Or, they go to the White House when they get home from war?

This activity stemmed a thought, and I decided to make a fact or opinion military activity.

I split students into small groups and they sorted the cards with their group members.  Then, we discussed as a class what made them facts or opinions.

Here is what the printout version looks like! (Silly me - I forgot to take photos during this activity.) 

I ended the unit by having students complete this worksheet to check for understanding.

You can find this fun activity by clicking on the picture below.  I have it posted free for the month of May just for you! :]

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy this activity! :]

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