Celebrating America with Enchanted Kinder Garden

It's MAY! Can you believe it? Well, I'm (Keri) here today to talk about how I celebrate America with my kinders.

I don't have any family in the military, but I have a lot of friends that currently are or have been in the past. I'm very thankful for ALL that the men and women who choose this path do for us. They are so selfless that it's AMAZING.

With that said, I like to read books to my kids. Sometimes it's hard to explain holidays such as Veteran's Day and Memorial Day to little learners. I try my best to make them understand that our lives could be totally different if we didn't have all these wonderful people working hard for us each and EVERY single day. How do you tell children that we need to honor those who lost their lives for us?

We're usually out of school before Memorial Day, but I've got a few book ideas for either Veteran's Day or Memorial Day. I always have to hunt out the good books from the library. I don't have many in my class for these holidays.

Memorial Day Surprise is very appropriate for kindergarten. It's about a little boy that accidentally thinks Memorial Day is Memory Day. His mother tells him that she has a surprise for him. There is a series of things that could be surprises, but the biggest surprise of all is seeing his grandfather in the parade. This book shows a great love and appreciation.

Here's a super quick craft that my kinders have made before.

You just need white, blue, and red paint,  clothespins with small pom poms on the end, and white cardstock or construction paper. That's it!

First, let the kids make the blue part. I just tell them to make a rectangle in the corner. Let that dry.

Then, you can either make the red stripes or make dots in the blue area where the stars are. We just made dots with our pom poms. We also just went straight across to make the red lines.

Super easy! It takes about 10 minutes or LESS. It depends on how fast your blue dries. You could always cut stars and glue those on instead of making white dots.

We've done different writing activities to go with this craft, but here's one for you!

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