Celebrating America! [ with Stephanie from Mrs. D's Corner ]

It's no secret that I am an Air Force Sister and Daughter. My dad served in the AF and my brother recently just finished up his 4 years, so when the additional opportunity (I say additional because our troops should be celebrated and praised EVERY day) comes for us to give our thanks and remember, I go all out.
When my brother went through Basic, I had my students create cards and write letters for me to send to him. I have always taught 2- or 3-week units about our past, present, and future soldiers on Veteran's Day and Memorial Day. These days are so much more important than an extra weekend day or a BBQ, and it's important to me that I share this with my students. So much so that we started our remembrance celebrations this week.

I saw this pin on Pinterest and decided that this was how we would start off our unit. First, let me show you what we made, and then I'll show you how!
Isn't it just the most adorable poppy craft you've ever seen? And it's super simple! All you need to make these adorable poppies is paper plates, black construction paper, and red paint. It's the simplest craftivity, so let me know you how:
Obviously, you start with a paper plate.
Then (and it's hard to see the pencil lines), you draw lines on the paper plate to create the petals.
Once your student cuts on the lines, it will look something like this. It's okay if it's a little off-sided (unless you have OCD like me... but I keep telling myself it's okay!).
I cut random sized rectangles of black construction paper out for my students ahead of time.
Have your students rip the black construction paper into pieces. It doesn't matter how big or small the pieces are.
Time to paint!
Have your friends paint the entire plate red.
I used our special glitter glue to put some glue in the center of each plate. Students then add their ripped up black construction paper pieces.
Once it dries, you end up with this :) I used them to create a mini bulletin display outside of our classroom, that way the entire school can enjoy what we made for Memorial Day.

How do you celebrate Memorial Day?

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