Celebrating America {with Stephany from Primary Possibilities}

There are a lot of important patriotic holidays coming up!  Make sure you follow all of the posts this first half of the month to grab up as many great ideas as you can!  I have a super easy and cute craft that you can use for any of the patriotic holidays!

You are going to need 7 bendable straws, a little tape, a paper plate, red/white/blue paint, and black construction paper.  Tape the straws together and then bend them outward to make a firework shape.  Pour some of the red, blue and white paint on the paper plate.  Don't worry if they get mixed, once you get started the paint will get all blended together anyway!  

Take the straws and place them on the paper.  You will want to lightly press down on the straws to make sure they make contact with the paper. 

 Dip the straws again and then press them down in the same spot but with the straws in a different spot.  This will give you a full looking firework!

I whipped up this writing paper that you can use to go with the craft!  There are two versions with different sized writing lines.   Click on the image below to go grab it up for FREE

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  1. These are ADORABLE!!! I mihgt have to have miss Madelynn try this out sometime soon :)