Celebrating America with Tickled Pink in Primary

Happy Armed Forces Day!! I have a handful of family members that have or are currently serving in the military. Today's the day to honor everyone that serves in the military and to thank them for their service and for protecting our country. THANK YOU!!

We are out of school before Memorial Day rolls around, but a fun and very simple craft you could make for any patriotic holiday would be sparklers!
 Supplies needed:
-tissue paper
-paper straws (Target or Michaels)
First, cut a small portion of red and white tissue paper, you don't need a whole sheet. Then start to roll it around the paper straw.
Take the tissue paper off of the straw and tape one end together. You may need to pinch the tissue paper to make it small enough so it will eventually fit into the straw.
 Next, cut slits almost all the way down the tissue paper.
 Finally, push the small end of our "sparkler" into the straw and secure it with tape if needed.

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  1. How cute! I actually pinned this on my Pinterest board for party decorations! Thanks for sharing . . .