Celebrating America {With Mrs. Dailey's Classroom}

Happy May 2nd, Friends! This month we are sharing ideas of how we celebrate the Armed Forces with our students because there are so many holidays for these heroes which are quickly approaching:

1. May 16: Armed Forces Day
2. May 25: Memorial Day
3. June 14: Flag Day
4. July 4: Independence Day

I love celebrating these holidays with my students and teaching them about the five branches of the military. This year I started by giving my students a pre-assessment to see what they know about the American Military.

{Pre-assessment Tip: Instead of copying a worksheet, have students do this in a social studies or other notebook in their desks}

Then we looked at the five different branches of the military. We will be studying them over the next several days but I wanted to see what my students knew about these branches right now. I had them get sticky notes and tell me one thing they knew about one branch of the military.
From this activity, I saw that most of my students were familiar with, or wanted to share an idea they had about the Army.

After we completely study each branch, we will play this "I Have, Who Has The American Military" game next week.

We play the game several days in a row with a timer to see how fast we can get through the cards as a class! 

{If you are interested in this game, you can grab it in my TpT store here.}

I love using these nonfiction texts by Robin Nelson which take a close look at the different holidays honoring our American Heroes! These texts are great to use in small groups or while teaching whole group because they are small enough for the students to hold and flip the pages easily.

For a nonfiction connection, I love reading Civil War on Sunday by Mary Pope Osborne which is part of the Magic Tree House series. 

I hope you feel like you got a peek inside of my classroom and now have some tips on materials to use for anytime you would like to Celebrate America!

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