Ending the Year in Style with a Tip and some OFISHAL treats!

Happy Friday, friends!  It's Ashley, here from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd, and I'm here today to share a quick tip with you about getting your classroom "summer ready" but at the same time prepping for a quick jump start to your classroom prep for back to school!! :) (Please don't hate me for using the B*** t* S***** words haha :) )

In the district that I teach in, we have to pull everything off of our walls, cover up all bulletin boards, take things down from the ceilings, etc... and let's face it - it comes down a LOT faster and a LOT easier than it goes up.  When I think about the monthsssss that I put into prepping my classroom for the first day of school, I always try to figure out SOME way to do it better...to do it FASTER than previous years.  It still always takes me forever, BUT I wanted to share a couple of things with you about what I do that HELP me get my classroom ready when I head back to school.

By the time April and May roll around, my "next year" gears start turning and I start collecting ideas, goodies, organizing tools for the new year.   I collect them/create them/buy them semi-sporadically, and I want to make sure that I have it all ready to grab and go for the following year, so I put them ALL in a large box and label it "Back to School Jump Start!".  Then, when I head back in to start setting things up for back to school, that's my go-to box to start with!

Also, as I tear down things that I keep up all year long and that I know will be going right back up on the walls the following year, I tuck it all in one basket/box too.  It just makes it so simply organized and ready to be at my finger tips when I head back in after the gloriousness of summer! Here is a little snap shot of my "Back to School Jump Start" boxes that I have officially started! :)

This one has a few of my all year long posters - fire drill, inspirational quotes, etc - AND my student name tags for next year.  I've also tucked in some new organizing teacher trays that will be making their debut next year!

The lunch count sign and labels are down and tucked away for the year, too, including some classroom labels, and Mrs. Schroeder letters for my classroom door that I now will have ready to grab and go in August! :)

I'm all about a system, and this one is easy, FREE, and SUCH a time saver when you head back to school!! It makes the back to school craziness go so much smoother!

Speaking of the NEW year . . . . I can't believe my 2nd graders are JUST about ready to head upstairs to be THIRD GRADERS?!?! WHAT?!?!? #gasp #ihopeididenoughtopreparethem  Do you ever hit that OMG point at the end of the school year and hope that you did enough?! Our DRAs went SUPER well, and their progress in math and writing blew me AWAY, but I stilllllll have fingers crossed that my kiddos can find it in themselves to keep growing up into 3rd graders over the summer who make good choices next year! :) :) #hereshoping 

Ready or not, 3rd grade, HERE THEY COME!! 

ANNNNNYWAY.... It's official in just 3 more school days from now.... they will OFISHALLY be 3rd graders...

and I will be attaching this little tag to some goldfish for them as an end of the year treat as they move on to 3rd grade!  You can check the tags out in my store HERE or by clicking the image above! 

Hope that the end of your school years are smooth!! :)


  1. That's crazy that you have to take everything down even if you are staying in the same room! I too had to move my ENTIRE classroom this summer. The seventh grade teacher and I are swapping rooms, so right now my stuff is in a HUGE pile in a room that I can't do anything in yet. Hoping to be able to get in to start setting up before June is over!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

    1. Oh MY!!! Good luck with your room swap, friend. I changed rooms/schools 8 out of 10 school years that I taught and I'm SO glad that this isn't one of those years!! :)

  2. What a great tip! I know I've been guilty of just throwing things in different boxes to quickly clean up at the end of the year, but always regret it when it's time for BTS. :( And thanks for the freebie! Happy Last Days!

    Lattes and Lunchrooms

  3. Happy last days to you too Kelly!! Thanks for your comments!! :)