Ending the Year in Style in Kindergarten!

Hey friends! Are you out of school yet? I truly hope you are! My last workday was Tuesday. My last day with kiddos was last Friday. No matter how many days you have left, I hope you are wrapping it up easy and breezy. Here's a few ways I ended the year in the past!

Just from my personal experience, I've ALWAYS given my students something at the end of each year. With that in mind, I just like to send them off for the summer with some goodies AND memories to remember the year by. This year, they got nice little baggies filled with our ABC Chit Chat DVD, Kindergarten slideshow DVD, Graduation certificate, awards, and this year they received the book Click, Clack Moo - Cows That Type with a note inside. Also in the bags, they each got a personalized cup that I found a Dollar Tree! I seriously love these little cups. Super cute and EASY way to personalize something. I love my name on things and think it's a great way to send gifts home to your kids. Under the bags, is their individualized Keeping Up With Kindergarten summer review pack.

Wrap things up in a fun and exciting way by posting a countdown. Last year, I made this countdown on my door and the entire school was excited (and made sure to remind me) as each day was one day less. It definitely amped up the excitement!

I always make sure to have a Ms. Brown and me picture in our dvds. I easily take over 1000 pictures each year and this is one of my FAVORITES! I usually have so many pictures of them and none of me. They will always have the memory of me through pictures and all the fun that we shared in their year with me. 

Packing up at the end of the year is EXTREMELY easy for me! I have tons of crate seats in my room that are more for storage than actual seating. I added these labels to each of the crates so I can easily tell what's inside throughout the year. I have crates for each month where I store my centers, larger items that don't fit in tubs such as pails for centers games and so on. I also have crates with just supplies and special occasion things that we do during the year. For example, I have all of my Q and U wedding decorations in a crate. This makes it so easy when it's time to pack up. I just take each crate and stack them on top of each other either in my restroom or on the counter. Last year, the counter worked well. This year, I stacked them neatly inside my restroom. When it's time to start getting BTS ready at the end of July (probably sooner knowing me), I can easily just pull out the beginning of the year crates that are label.

Do any of you own these plastic shelves? It makes storing away for the summer SO easy! I can place things on the bottom as well as the top and get twice the space when I need to get everything off the floor. Easy peasy, right?

Have a GREAT summer!

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