Celebrating America {with Haley from The McGrew Crew}

Recently I did this super cute fireworks craft with my boys! We liked it so much that I wanted to share it as a fun way for you and your students to celebrate America! HERE is the original post where I found this craft, but I will give you a step-by-step of ours! Check out the end of the post for some other crafty ways to celebrate America and a FREEBIE!

Cut a toilet paper roll down the middle to open it up. Cut 1.5-2 inch slits along one edge of the roll. Next, roll it back up (smaller than the original roll) and tape closed.

Fan out the slits to create your fireworks stamper! Make several of these to use with different colors!

Click on the pictures below for more ideas:

And last but not least, click on either of the following pictures for some FREE lined writing paper to use with your students while you celebrate America!

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