Ending the Year With a Fun Class Activity

One of the great things about the end of the year is seeing the friendships that have formed in your class! I love to end the year with this fun activity called "Who Am I?" It is a great way for the class to see how much they have learned about each other over the year.

Each student fills out the questions and draws a picture of themselves, without putting their name on the paper. When they are done, you gather them up, and number them. Then you can play a game to see who knows their classmates best! Each student numbers their paper with however many students are participating. Then you can hold up a paper for the class to see and read the answers. Students write down who they think it is. Go through the rest of the papers until you are done. Then you can go back through and let students tell which one was theirs as everyone checks their answers!

You can get this activity for FREE here!


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