Making the Most of Small Group Instruction {Stephany from Primary Possibilities}

I have LOVED reading what everyone's tips and tricks for small group instruction here at The Elementary Entourage!  I'm going to touch on that question of "What are the other students doing during small group instruction?"  This is a question I hear a lot from teachers who are trying to transition from whole group to using small groups.

I use this rotation chart for my students during group time.   Over to the left are laminated colored circles with the names of the students in each group. I write them with a fine point dry erase marker so that I can erase and change up groups easily. There are four different rotations. Small group instruction happens at the "Skills Table".  This is where we work on reading and fluency skills. 

One rotation is computers where the group works on the website ReadingEggs or ReadingEggspress.   

Group work consists of skills that are on our curriculum map for that week.  All of the students work on the same skill but the work is differentiated to meet them at their ability level.

At the bottom of the rotation chart are green squares numbered 1-3 and also squares for promethean board and iPads.   These are differentiated stations that students go to during the station rotation. 

If a student's name is under a number, they pull that number bucket (in their group color) and work on it scattered around the room.  These activities are differentiated for the level that they are working at.  

How do you manage small group instruction in your classroom?

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