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Books are a SERIOUS addiction of mine! I spend most Sunday afternoons looking though the books at Goodwill to add to my collection. I can rarely leave Sam's Club without picking up a book and the bargain section of Barnes and Nobel is a happy place!  

These are a few of my newest and most requested read alouds. 
In My Heart is a book about feelings. Its a great way to discuss feeling with younger students who may not fully understand them. The book connects colors and feelings. 
What Do You Do With An Idea is the wonderful story of a child with an idea that's a little different. What do you do with an idea? Hide it? Walk away from it? Pretend it isn't yours? As the child's confidence grows so does the idea and something amazing happens. This is a great book to teach confidence and positive self esteem.
 Ellie is all about an artistic elephant who is trying to save her Zoo. It teaches my students about believing in themselves. 
 My last and very FAVORITE book is Mother Bruce. Its the story of a reluctant, grumpy bear who has to raise some baby geese. This bear reminds me so much of myself, he loves to find fancy recipes on the internet and enjoys supporting local businesses. :)

What are your favorite read alouds?
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