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How is your sweet Valentine's Day going?  I hope you are getting lots of love this month!!  Over here at the Elementary Entourage, we are telling you all about the books we love and  I am so glad that I get to share my favorite books with you!!  

For as long as I remember, Paul Galdone has been one of my favorite authors. (I had to show off my collection.)    :)

Of course, he has also wrote one of my favorite all time folk tales...The Little Red Hen. I have loved this book forever! I can still remember as a little girl BEGGING my mother to read it to me! "PUH-LEASE, MOM!" 

I loved LOVE the pictures and the story was is hysterical.  I can remember thinking...shame on those lazy friends of hers...poor little chicken!!  

Still one of my favorites, I LOVE reading it to my students and I love talking about character traits with them.  You can check out this graphic organizer I made for my students on the character traits of the little red hen. 

And I just had to show you these old puppets I had from when I first started teaching!  LOL!!!  My students who were the cat and dog and mouse would raise them up and shout "NOT I!"  (They loved it but I think I loved it more!)  :)
In this folk tale, the hen and her roommates grow quickly through the lesson of cooperation and sharing the workload. The little hen stands up for herself, the dog and cat and mouse learn how to share responsibilities, and in the end they come to an understanding that they had to work together as a team or no bread for you!  (Haha!) 

Here is another version of the Little Red Hen that I love!!    

This copy is by Doris R. Miller and as you can see it is from 1966 which makes me adore it even more.  I love the vintage look and the illustrations by Pablo Ramirez!!  It is lightly based on the original story...PLUS add a few foxes, a lazy cat and frog and you got a story! If you ever have a chance to read it to your students, please do!  It is adorable and your children will love the spin on the illustrations and the plot. 

What are some of the books that you LOVE and just can't live without?  

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