Read Alouds We Love! {w/Stephany from Primary Possibilities}

I am excited to share with you some NEW books that I have picked up in the last couple of years and have become some of my favorite read alouds!  Most of these books come from Scholastic book orders or fairs!

I picked this book up last year.  It is a great addition to your character education collection.  It tells the story of a mean monster who changes his ways.

  This is a fun book for boys.  I love how the illustrations are original and fun.  It's the typical "boy who cried wolf" story with a twist!  

There aren't a whole lot of words in this next books but it can be a great example of how to change your voice to tell a story.  They boy is creeping around his house so the change in the pace of your voice can up the drama of the boy's imagination.

I love any variation in an old fashioned story tale, especially ones about the three little pigs.  Add this one to your collection!

This books is a great gingerbread cookie book that has a little more "meat" (or should I say cookie) to it than the traditional runaway cookie books! 

What are your favorite new read alouds?

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