Read Alouds We Love (with Mrs. D's Corner)

I love books. I love buying books for my classroom. I love Amazon Prime... it's an addiction and a real problem (just ask my husband). So when I found out that the topic this month was books, I was very excited.
This is a fraction of the books in my classroom for February... and this is actually the *before* photo, meaning before I added a few 100th Day of School books to the collection.

Every month I switch out the books... sometimes even halfway through the month I will rotate books into this display for students to read. February has some amazing topics and holidays to read about too.

But let me be honest. My absolute favorite books to read to my class are these...
...anyone? Anyone else absolutely LOVE this old lady?!

She is my absolute favorite. With the clever wording and repetition, my kids love these books too. I love letting them predict what the old lady is going to spit out at the end too. They have come up with some pretty clever hypotheses!

You can grab a freebie here to teach There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books.
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