Read Alouds We Love {Valentine's Day}

Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays. I say this with a lot of holidays. I love the colors, the candy, the food, and the LOVE.

Here's some of my favorite books to read.

This is quite possibly my all time favorite. It's just a cute book with a cute meaning and cute ideas. I just like to read it. Nothing less. Nothing more.

You could make a lot of connections with this story. Predictions on who she's making Valentines for. You could extend this to the skill you're working on. For example, you could do a sheet with the day it rained verbs. Your kidlettes could make it rain verbs in hearts. You'd be able to tie in your skill and get some Valentine love all at the same time.

You're probably thinking why in the world did she choose this book? I absolutely ADORE this book. It melts my heart every time I flip through it. I had it as a "kinda" larger sized board book and the cover is squishy. It's a very neat book. It goes through and tells all the way that the baby's mom loves him. When's silly, when he's sad... that's how I feel about my classroom kids. I get on to the ALL the time, but I still love them regardless. I like for them to know that.

We made these really cute mouse Valentine's to go with this story last year.  I can't wait to read this book this year because my kids seriously think that everything has to be a competition. Life is so much easier when you just work together. We have been working on being a team the ENTIRE year and will probably keep working on that until the last day of school.

The book is about two little mice that are friends. They are going to make a Valentine and end up wanting to make the best one. Instead of working together, they decide to work separately to create a Valentine. It turns out quite funny and this story is great for predictions. I let my kids predict what they think is going to happen every few pages.

In the end, the two friends work together to make the biggest Valentine ever.

The entire mouse was made from hearts. The head, the body, the feet and the ears. So stinking cute.

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