Read Alouds We Love! {With Alex from The Kindergarten Connection}

I am obsessed with children's books. I have been hoarding - I mean collecting - them for years now, and my collection has grown to over 2000! Some of my favorite ones are ones that are engaging, make my kids smile, and are just good fun!

It was super hard to think of just a few of my favorite books, but after spending some time in my classroom library this past week thinking about it, I found a few that I can say would definitely be on my favorites list! 

A great collection of must have read alouds!

First up is The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland. This book never fails to crack up my kids as the animals do their best to cheer up Bear, who really is wanting to hibernate! 

Another book that really gets the laughs going is Dogzilla by Dav Pilkey (also the author of Kat Kong which is just as funny) Mice must unite to save the world from the beastly terror of "Dogzilla!" 

I love wordless books. They are so great for teaching kids the strategy of "reading the pictures" which is especially helpful as most of my students come as non readers. This book, Tuesday by David Weisner, contains flying frogs and many shenanigans that keep their interest and make them laugh too! 

If you are looking for books on friendship, Owen and Mzee is a fabulous one, and is a true story as well! The text is long, but I often paraphrase it or showcase the photos to my students. They are always fascinated that a tortoise and hippo would be best friends! 

Doesn't the cover of this book even make you smile? Children Make Terrible Pets by Peter Brown is the funny, engaging story of a bear who finds and wants to keep a kid as a pet - which is a funny twist on stories we usually read! This book makes my kids laugh and is a much requested one in my classroom! 

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